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Eternal Enemies

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Do you really wanna know?
What it's like to be all alone at the top of the food chain.
Living up to standards, in front of cameras.
A thousand eyes staring at you hoping you fall.
I was made for this.
I heard the sound of glory calling and I couldn't resist.
From what I've learned of the year's up and downs.
The whole game can change just when you figure it out.
So let me give you a little piece of advice.
Just be yourself kid, the rest will fall into place.
I'm no hero.
I'm only here to tell you, better save yourself.
How did it start?
Let me begin.
Chapter one, page one.
Are you listening?
I wanna bring you back to the streets.
Passing out my fucking demo for free.
Passing flyers when its 20 degrees.
To promote my show.
Yeah that's some shit you new jacks will never fucking know.

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