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Eternal Enemies

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Yeah, I know you're fucking feeling me now.
And if you're with me standing out in the crowd.
If you got my fucking back then just say.
Hell yeah.
You're down with me and my team.
Hell yeah.
You're fucking sick of the scene.
Hell yeah.
Cuz nothing is what it seems.
Let's get to the point.
You know it.
You know it all.
Turns out ya know, nothing at all.
You want it.
You want it all.
But you cannot get what you want.
I know what I wanna see.
Tonight I wanna see you moving from side to side.
From the front to the back.
If you're with me then where the fuck are you at?
Nothing is what it seems.
So, if you're keeping it real, you know I'm keeping it real.
And if you're with me, then where the fuck are you at?

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