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Eternal Enemies

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What I've done.
What I've seen.
The lives I've touched what does it mean?
Losing track of everything.
I gave it all.
But what did I gain?
And I don't care what waits for me on the other side of life's release.
Cuz when I close my eyes your face is all I see.
So even if I die I'll never rest in peace.
I was desperate just to shine.
Now I struggle constantly to survive.
I have nothing to prove to you.
And I've tried so many times to show that what I feel is real.
No, this is not a joke.
But you keep pushing me.
And now you've gone too far.
And there's no turning back.
And now I hope you choke and fucking burn in hell.
Nothing changes.
All I know is that.
I'm alone in this.
Silently I wait.
Hoping you'd come back for me.
Seems like I'll be.
Waiting 'till the end.
Knowing that I can't speak to you again.
Truth is you were never there.
I don't need your empty words or bullshit sympathy.
So here's a gift for all those years of mocking me.
Now I wish all this evil upon you.
You deserve to feel what I'm going through.

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