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The Respect Issue

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Let me take me time.
Let me work things out.
I could be the man youve been dreaming of.
Just get on your knees
And open your mouth
And accept my gift of lust and let downs.
What did you expect
You think i really care.
Your just another notch on this belt I wear.
So im taking off
Yeah im leaving town.
Dont call or write.
See you around.
God damn.
Fuck her Like I never could.
Fuck her Doggy style first.
I fucking die.
Just from the thought
And if you want it you can have it baby.
Just come and sit by me.
God damn , I never knew it could be this easy.
You take my money but I take your time.
All i wanted was to stop think back and rewind.
All I wanted was a memory , so you can savor the moment.
Thanks you fucking whore.

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