Well, welcome to round two of the EMMURE beat-down. The Respect Issue will continue to knock all of the competition out, one bloody breakdown at a time. This record takes a scornful bite at the opposition we face on a daily basis; the friends who betray us, the lovers who cheat us and the enemies that challenge us. EMMURE stand with an arsenal of aggression and confidence that audiences everywhere are connecting with and gladly sharing with others, creating a network based on dedication and community. With successful tours with Bury Your Dead and Darkest Hour under their belt, as well as a partnership with TNA wrestling, this will be the year EMMURE explodes into the heavyweight divisions. This is the dawn of another new era in heavy metal and EMMURE are here to take the title. Be a part of it now or get the hell out of their way…

Release Date: May 13,2008

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